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1. Advanced Credit Help LLC agrees:

a. To evaluate Customer’s current credit reports as listed with applicable credit reporting agencies and to identify inaccurate, erroneous, false, or obsolete information. Advanced Credit Help is not and will not be liable for any new negative items resulting in a derogatory credit score or a decreased score. To advise Customer as to the necessary steps to be taken on the part of Customer in conjunction with Advanced Credit Help LLC to dispute any inaccurate, erroneous, false or obsolete information contained in the customer’s credit reports.

b. To prepare all necessary correspondence in dispute of inaccurate, erroneous, false, or obsolete information in customer’s credit reports.

c. To review credit profile status from the credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Consulting, coaching, and monitoring services are conducted by personal meetings, webinars, video conferencing, telephone, email, or by any other form of communication during normal business hours.

2. Customer agrees:

a. To provide Advanced Credit Help LLC within 7 calendar days with a copy of all correspondences received from credit reporting agencies or creditors relating to credit report entries which are subject to the matter of this subscription by virtue of the credit report entries challenged by Advanced Credit Help LLC for verification of accuracy and validity. If you do not receive any correspondence from the credit reporting agencies within 60 calendar days it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Advanced Credit Help LLC immediately and is not the responsibility of Advanced Credit Help to follow up in this instance. The customer also agrees that Advanced Credit Help is not liable for lost mail from either a creditor or the credit bureaus and will not be responsible for the client not receiving mail due to inaccurate address information on file with the bureaus.

b. Not to contact credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian) for any reason. Not to apply for any type of credit, i.e., credit card, car loans, or secured financing such as a mortgage loan, during the period of this agreement without 7 days prior written notification to Advanced Credit Help LLC and an opportunity on the part of Advanced Credit Help LLC to consult with Customer with regard thereto.

c. Customer understands that the results obtained by Advanced Credit Help LLC on behalf of Customer are dependent on numerous factors, including but not limited to Customer’s ability to repay debts and loans, cooperation of Customer’s creditors, and credit reporting agencies ability to verify information provided to them by Advanced Credit Help LLC on behalf of Customer and therefore agrees that there is no guarantee of specific results and also assumes all risk.

d. Customer understands that accurate information may not be removed unless it is listed beyond a lawful time period.


Customer agrees that all accounts must be paid on time according to agreements made within this contract. Any payments made and or received after the agreed upon due date will constitute a late fee of $25 the day after a payment is missed. Once a payment is 30 days late it will automatically be sent to collections with no exceptions. There will be a 5% late fee every 7 days for any account that is considered late after the initial due date. The customer also agrees that they cannot make any recurring payments with a reloadable or Pre- paid debit card.



If you cancel during the allotted time frame (within 3 business days of starting the process), any property traded in, any payments made by you under the contract or sale, and any negotiable instrument executed by you will be returned within 14 business days following receipt of your cancellation notice. Under no circumstances will Advanced Credit Help refund any money outside of the 3 day period. Any security interest arising out of the transaction will be canceled. If there are no changes, i.e. (no increase in score, no items deleted and or updated) we offer a money back guarantee but only under the circumstances that we are able to pull a new credit report that justifies that said changes allegedly have not been made! If negative items have been added to the credit report then this voids the refund policy in accordance with any monthly recurring payments or processing fee payments being requested for refund. This policy is only in effect once the allotted 60 day period of processing has taken place. Client agrees to allow 60 for results to be received. The client may cancel monthly recurring fee if we are notified within 7 days of payment due date.



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